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For too long
we’ve seen the impact
of Tory and SNP cuts in
the lives of people
across Scotland. It’s
time for a budget that
delivers the cash needed
by our people, our
communities, and our
public services. . . . Read More

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Labour would scrap the
SNP tax cut for frequent
flyers . . . Read More

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LabourDooorstep in #Glenrothes . . . Read More

Scottish Break

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EU Citizens
looking for support in
applying to the EU
Settlement Scheme can
attend a free event at St
Columba’s Cathedral
Hall, Oban, on 8
February, from 11.00 am
– 1.00pm. . . . Read More

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No News

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Mike Pompeo praises the
effects of climate change
on Arctic ice for
creating new trade routes . . . Read More

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Galbraith Mary . . . Read More

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