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Jim Murphy: The 2022
World Cup cannot be built
on the blood of migrant
workers . . . Read More

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ICYMI: Changing Scotland,
TV broadcast, FMQs and
moreā€¦ . . . Read More

Party Video


Changing Scotland - Jim's speech. . . Read More

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team out in Croftfoot . . . Read More

Scottish Break

Mary Tweets


Campaigning in
Campbeltown yesterday
with - got loadsa
supporters for campaign . . . Read More

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Campaign continues after
partial victory . . . Read More

Mary Facebook


Latest developments on
the campaign to bring
back local scanning
covered well in... . . . Read More

Mary Video


Argyll & Bute Labour campaigning on Gigha. . . Read More

Mary Pictures


Galbraith Mary . . . Read More


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