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Kezia Dugdale : SNP
failing to challenge
George Osborne’s
austerity . . . Read More

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Nicola Sturgeon must be
up-front about hidden
spending cuts . . . Read More

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Protest against SNP cuts to schools. . . Read More

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LabourDooorstep in #Glenrothes . . . Read More

Scottish Break

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Judging from today's
timeline not a single
Glasgow SNP Cllr/MSP/MP
is opposed to
£133million budget cut
imposed on our city by
Scottish Gov. . . . Read More

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Millions to be invested
in future generation . . . Read More

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Facebook Syndication
Error . . . Read More

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Argyll & Bute Labour campaigning on Gigha. . . Read More

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Galbraith Mary . . . Read More

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